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Proposal for a ready-to-use NFT platform

Proposal for a ready-to-use NFT platform

NFT is on fire! While one has already started its own platform, others are still looking closely at the segment with certain concerns and questions.

In order to close one of the general checkpoints we offer for implementation of our own turnkey solution – NFT Marketplace.

Introductory user version

The simplest and fastest way to get familiar with the tool is to study the trial version:

Please use the link to the demo system:

Login: gx
Password: igklWT0sEXEni00BqyRo

BSC testnet is being used for the test environment.

MetaMask wallet is required for the tool implementation. This article will help you to configure the MetaMask wallet and connect the testnet.

To start with your first transaction, you need to get free test coins from the faucet, they are also can be sent to your wallet on a separate request.

This version is for demonstration purposes mainly and it is being updated with new features and interfaces constantly. Should you face any challenges or issues – please refresh the web page to fix them.

User interface of NFT Marketplace

Introductory admin version

Please send us an access request – we will provide you with a login and password.

Functionality description

Those who already had some NFT experience know about the main features and functions of such platforms, on how they operate.
This article gives a brief description of NFT Marketplace structure, interface, main objects, functionality, and general settings.

Featured NFT Marketplace

Cost of acquisition and implementation

Three options are offered:

Packages for purchase, implementation and support Price
Access to the code and code’s origins. License proving the code and origins rights to be provided for the Customer. The contract signed contains the clause about resale prohibition and implies that all the following code’s and design’s improvements must be carried by the Customer66,000 €
Similar to the package above, but contract implies the Developer’s involvement in the following improvements and updates of the system on the Customer’s request or when the system updates by the Developer takes place plus support with the Development and Support Rates stated below39,000 €
Similar to the package above, but contract implies the Developer’s involvement in the following improvements and updates of the system on Customer’s request with the Development and Support Fees plus the system updates by Developer option when such takes place and technical support with monthly subscription fee accordingly with the stated below in Monthly Subscription Options13,750 € + Subscription payments

Development and Support Rates

Expert Rate per hour
Backend45 €
Frontend45 €
DevOps50 €
Product Owner50 €
Blockchain Dev75 €
Architect Dev (TechLead)90 €
Project Manager90 €
Design30 €
QA25 €

Monthly Subscription Options. Appendix to the subscription offer

Service Per month Comments
Infrastructure monitoring (in one blockchain network)
By alerts, 4 hours for respond during working hours650 €Notifications by email, Discord, Telegram, Slack
By alerts, 24/73,300 €Dedicated team, 1 hour to respond 24/7
Infrastructure monitoring (+ 1 blockchain network)
By alerts, 4 hours for a response during working hours+ 350 €More networks will require more microservices in the infrastructure
By alerts, 24/7+ 1,700 €The same should be taken into account in the resources of the data center
AWS Data Center Resources
On the AWS provider. It will vary depending on the load, the amount of user data.
Paid in fact at the end of the month
Basic installation, from start350-450 €For 3 environments (dev, stage, and prod) on ECS + Fargate containers and Cloudwatch monitoring
After 1 year~ 600-800 €The same should be taken into account in the resources of the data center
Service resources for integration
sentry.iofrom $26
moralis.iofrom $29To use a dedicated priority node in the blockchain network. + 1 blockchain = switching to another tariff with higher limits ($100, $200)$20 + 0.05/gb, bandwidth + $0.15/gb storageTo store the MFT source files in IPFS.
It is important to imagine how much data can be from users: for example, after 1 month - 2 Gb, after six months - 15 Gb
mailchimp.comfrom $17A mail service for subscribing to your marketing newsletter.
The system currently has only a newsletter subscription form in the Mailchimp account, mailing must be sent manually from the account of this (or another) service)

Let’s run the NFT marketplace together!

In case this all might be interesting for you, or you have some questions and discussion points – please contact us!

We see a huge potential in the modern NFT segment and are ready to organize and manage developers’ communities, share expertise and knowledge bases, build effective marketing channels and campaigns together. Integrity International has a strong financial background also, so we would be happy to provide for NFT projects the payment and transactional services, as well as legal and compliance support, technical guidance.