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Crypto currencies exchange

The company offers cryptocurrency exchange to both individuals and legal entities around the world, on the basis of a signed contract, online on this website or through the API. The software is developed in-house.

Since the company has open accounts with several banks and on the biggest crypto exchanges and liquidity providers, there are no restrictions on the customer orders execution and the size of transactions.

For Legal Entities:

Integrity Global provides services for enterprises to execute over-the-counter cryptocurrency transactions.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) implies the execution of operations with financial instruments (shares, bonds, depositary receipts, cryptocurrencies), concluded by the parties directly, and not through the exchange. Most OTC transactions are concluded through trade organizers and are aimed at processing large volumes. The transaction is being executed by a contract for the purchase and sale of traded assets.

This type of operation faces several issues common to the market:

  • Lack of a legal framework and non-compliance with regulatory norms (KYC, AML 5)
  • The lack of legal registration of the transaction
  • Limitations for wire transfers for crypto-exchange operations, the complexity of registration and accounting of such operations
  • High risks when making OTC deals related to large volumes, high responsibility, and complexity of execution of such transactions

With corporate accounts on 10 leading crypto exchanges and liquidity providers, as well as accounts with partner banks, Integrity International can service OTC transactions of any scale.

A strong compliance department with developed procedures and templates of contracts for the purchase and sale of crypto assets allows our customers to guarantee the execution of the deals.

The company's lawyers provide consulting services on all issues of proper paperwork and payment management, helping customers effectively use the full range of Integrity International services for the safe and legal execution of OTC transactions.

For Individuals:

In 2025, we plan to launch the Integrity Wallet service, which will allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using bank cards (taking into account regulatory norms in different countries).

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The current progress of Integrity Wallet: