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NFT tokens

The volume of the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) market is estimated at tens of billions of dollars and is growing rapidly. Like any collectibles market, it is driven by the buyer's desire to purchase a rare object and own it, then sell it and make money on resale. For the NFT-issuers, it is an opportunity for additional financing, another marketing tool and attracting/retaining community members, creating long-term branded ones that have value both for the company's adherents and for digital asset traders.

Since the NFT is really a digital asset, it is necessary to comply with international standards and the specifics of the crypto asset market when working with it:

  • Mandatory KYC/AML verification of buyers to prevent money laundering through NFT
  • Legal registration of rights to images and the possibility of their assignment, legal "binding" of the image copy to the NFT
  • The right choice of NFT-marketplace for the release and trade of a NFT collection
  • Banking services and financial flows management for the corporate NFT project
NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Integrity Global offers to implement a ready-made full-featured NFT marketplace. Learn more about the system, read the description, familiarize yourself with the terms of purchase and maintenance, and use the access to the demo versions of the user and administrator via the links:

Integrity Global has the necessary licenses, legal expertise and technical experience of working with the Binance platform for the full implementation of the NFT projects.

We have partners, marketing agencies and contacts with many influencers in the crypto world to make the NFT project even more famous and successful.