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Billing & Settlement System

Working closely with the banking sector on the one side, and on the other side, carrying out projects in crypto sphere, we see a great opportunity in the use of blockchain technologies to optimize the management of mutual settlements of enterprises with their counterparties.

Integrity Global is developing the Integrity One billing and payment management system, which will allow our customers to generate invoices with the crypto addresses and collect payments in crypto with conversion to fiat funds. The reverse process will also be implemented – payments in crypto currencies from fiat funds. These can be both one-time operations and mass processing.

Having a strong technical base, working with the best crypto-friendly banks, high liquidity providers, proper legal registration and rich experience in this field will allow our customers to move into the future of the financial world, use new settlement mechanisms, open new channels of work with their counterparties and new markets.

Any business wants to speed up and simplify the management of financial assets while meeting high security and legality requirements – from a freelancer and a startup to a large international enterprise. We all together need to implement these technologies right now!

Readiness of the solution: