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In architecture, there is a term Tensegrity, which was coined by the scientist and architect Richard Buckminster Fuller, who developed the theory of building frame structures from rigid and flexible elements, while the entire complex system becomes very resistant to external influences, and when these influences are removed, it self-repairs.
The modern world somewhat resembles this system. There is tightening in many directions, but people are looking for new ways to adapt and restore peace. Integrity Global takes its its clients into the digital future, combining the world of classical finance with blockchain technologies and digital asset management. Welcome to the future of finances!

Crypto Exchange

Crypto currencies are gradually penetrating into our lives, as the Internet and email once did. And the world is changing. Many things are becoming simpler, business is becoming more global, our views are broader.
With the necessary licenses and technical means, Integrity Global offers its clients a crypto exchange service with unlimited liquidity both for enterprises (through crypto OTC transactions), with legal and banking support of transactions, and for individuals.
KYC, KYB and crypto verification is performed using integrated systems Sumsub and Worldcheck.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

NFT is the trend of 2021, which is continue in 2022 at a new level.
Integrity International carries out NFT projects of a full cycle: legal registration of rights to NFT, issue of token collections on NFT marketplaces, compliance protection, token sale, maintenance of payment flows for the project.

Security Token Offering (STO)

Security Token Offering (STO) is a digital analogue of IPO (financing through the issue of securities), but faster and less costly. Integrity International has the Know-How and the necessary legal/technical basis for the implementation of STO projects in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Estonia.
Integrity STO solution allows our customers to raise funds up to 60 million Euro in full compliance with the legal regulations of the European Union.

Billing and Settlement management system MetaIntegrity

Integrity Global is developing the billing and payment management system Integrity One, which will allow users to generate invoices with the indication of crypto addresses and collect payments in crypto currencies with conversion to fiat funds. The reverse process will also be implemented – payments in crypto currencies from fiat funds.

The next step

Did you feel the potential? Have you seen the next steps in the development of your company? Interested to know the details?
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