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Launching of the Integrity One Crypto Exchange trading platform

Launching of the Integrity One Crypto Exchange trading platform

The launch of the crypto trading platform allows us to automate and scale our work with clients, taking it to the next professional level. The platform is primarily focused on execution OTC transactions with organizations and VIP clients and processing large volumes.

The platorm has standard functionality:

  • Placement of orders for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies (a large number of pairs, but the usual ones are USDT/EUR & BTC/EUR)
  • Registration of deposits (cryptocurrency and fiat)
  • Withdrawal Request
  • Reports (trades and settlement transactions)
  • Basic lists and profile settings
  • APIs

At the same time, it is important to note several advantages of the platform from classic crypto exchanges:

Trading limit (credit)

We can set a trading limit (for example, up to 500K Euros) for the client, which will allow him to place an exchange order before funds arrive at the plarform - and thereby fix the exchange rate. This is very practical for those clients who further settle with their sub-clients and want to fix the rate with them as well, or there are expectations of a change in the rate for the worse. If the order is not executed, it can be canceled with payment of the exchange rate difference, if it occurs.

Trading depth

Waiting for funds to arrive

Order placement     

The execution of payments by banks may take several days. In case of joint coordination and monitoring of payments with the client, the placed orders will wait for their execution on the platform until the funds are received.

The next stage in the platform development will be launch of the White Label payment solution from the UK payment system, which will allow us to provide our customers with a complete crypto payment solution, with the ability to open an account with a direct IBAN and issue cards.

Fiat settlements "not with crypto exchanges"

Most banks refuse to execute payments related to well-known crypto exchanges (for example, Binance or Kraken). Settlements with Integrity Global and through our partner banks (EM Bank, Income Bank, Clear Junction, Satchel) are much effective.

Working with Swiss liquidity providers

The trading platform is integrated with the Swiss crypto trading platform for financial institutions - thus we ensure the purity of crypto funds and actually have no restrictions in liquidity.

Legality and security of transactions

All clients undergo Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), crypto transactions and addresses are analyzed for toxicity, contracts and sources of origin of funds are agreed in advance with banks. In this way, we give our clients confidence in processing payments related to crypto exchange, ensure 100% legality of execution of transactions and proper paperwork on them, and also advise our clients on all questions of working with crypto assets.

Contact us! We will tell you about the KYC-KYB onboarding procedure, contract preparation and account creation on the trading platform.