NFT marketplace functionality

Home page

The main page of the site consists of the following blocks:

  • Top sellers and buyers
  • Top collections (selected and set by the administrator)
  • Hot auctions (coming to completion)
  • Featured (images selected by the administrator to be displayed in the block)

In the discovery block there is a show all button to switch to the marketplace and filter by NFT categories.


Marketplace - a page with all NFTs existing on the platform. The marketplace page presents a multi-level system of filters and sorting.
Upper level of filters:

  • NFT
  • Collections
  • Auctions


  • NFT Categories

Lower (Sorting based on data specific to certain objects):

  • Recently added
  • The most popular
  • The cheapest
  • The most expensive
  • Date of creation
  • Coming to an end soon (for auctions)
  • Soon begin (for auctions)

By type of sale:

  • Auction
  • Fixed price
  • Is not for sale

Additional filtering:

  • Single/Multiple copy
  • Only from verified users
  • Only my subscriptions

All individual filtering blocks can be used together.

User drop-down menu

By clicking on the user's avatar in the header, a drop-down menu opens with the ability to view the balances of the user's system currencies. The ability to go to the user profile, notifications or currency exchange, log out.

Authorization using a chain

Login to the system is carried out using Metamask, Wallet Connect, Torus. Immediately after that, in the case of the first login, the user signs an agreement with the terms of use and is asked to go through a verification tour.

User verification

The verification tour was created to simplify the verification process for the user and consists of the following blocks:

  • Username
  • Creator/Collector (The collector will not be able to create new objects in the system)
  • Email
  • Bio
  • Social networks (Instagram/Twitter/Dribble/Behans/YouTube, fill in at least two)
  • Screenshot of the work process or URL of an existing NFT (For the creator)

User Profile

The following objects in the user profile:

  • Avatar
  • Username
  • Wallet address (copied)
  • Email
  • Bio
  • Invite friends (Ability to copy a personalized invitation link)
  • Subscribers (a list opens by clicking)
  • Subscriptions (a list opens by clicking)
  • Number of likes (summed up with all created NFT)
  • Editing
  • Mark of passed/failed verification
  • Profile Editing button

In addition, the user has the opportunity to upload a back image for the page to diversify his profile and make it more recognizable and stylized.
There is also a block with NFT objects on the user's profile page. The following filters exist for this block:

  • Liked
  • The ones that the user has placed bets on
  • Created
  • Purchased
  • On sale
  • At the auction

Editing a profile

By clicking on the profile editing button, a profile editing page opens for the user with the ability to change the following attributes:

  • Avatar
  • Username
  • Email
  • Bio
  • Social network
  • Personal link
  • Link to a personal website or portfolio

Creating an NFT

While creating an NFT, the user has a wide range of actions and convenient functionality for creating an NFT. When uploading a video or music, the user has the opportunity to upload a short segment or an image that will serve as a cover for the card of this NFT. At the end of the NFT creation, the user can see how the preview of the NFT card will look like. Also, a bonus for the creator is the ability to specify the percentage that will be deducted to the author from each subsequent resale of the NFT object.


The user can put his future NFT up for auction, specify the start and end date and time, and the minimum bid. The auction is only available for NFTs existing in a single copy.

Fixed price

The user can put his NFT up for sale for a fixed price, specify its price and currency. This type of sales is available for any NFT.

Not for sale

The user can disable the offering for sale and simply screw up his NFT for his private ownership or subsequent offering for sale, if he so wishes.

Putting up for sale

If the user created an NFT and did not put it up for sale, or bought an NFT and wants to resell it, the NFT card provides functionality that makes it possible to do this quickly and simply by specifying the type of sale, price and currency for which the user wants to sell the NFT.

Viewing the NFT card

Viewing card details

This is the main page of the NFT card. It presents all the information about NFT, it is possible to like, share or complain. The cardholder can withdraw it from sale, put it up for sale, give it away or burn it. On this page, NFT purchases are made, bids are placed, and the time before the start /end of the auction is also displayed.

Viewing owners

There is a tab on the NFT card to view the current owners of the NFT. For multi NFT, all owners with the specified number of copies are displayed, whether these copies are for sale, for what price, and so on.

Viewing bids

There is a tab with auction bids for the auction card. The tab shows which users placed bids for this auction and at what time.

Viewing history

There is a tab on the NFT card to view the history of all operations performed on the NFT, for example, when it was created, who was the owner of the card, how many times it was exhibited and withdrawn from sale.


Any user with the exception of the owner of the NFT has the opportunity to buy an NFT.

In the case of an NFT with a series of copies, the user can choose how many copies he is willing to buy. Also, in the case of multiple NFT, the cheapest price for a certain number of copies is displayed on the NFT card, if several people sell copies at different prices, the remaining prices can be seen on the NFT owners tab.


Any user with the exception of the owner of the NFT has the opportunity to bid at the auction. The bid must be at least 5% higher than the previous one.

Auction closing

After the auction ends, the NFT cardholder must go to the card and accept the last or other bid to receive tokens and sell the NFT.

Share NFT

Each user has the opportunity to share NFT in social networks. The function can be called both from the card preview and from the card itself.

Complain about NFT

Each user has the opportunity to complain to NFT if he violates any legislation or is a copy-paste of someone else's work. All complaints are considered by the administrator. The function can be called both from the card preview and from the card itself.

NFT Burning

In the menu of the NFT card there is an opportunity to activate the Burn function and remove your NFT from the blockchain.

NFT Transfer

In addition to selling NFT, the user also has the opportunity to give NFT to any other user of the system or to any user outside the system using a wallet address or a username. The action is performed from the user card menu.

Withdrawal from sale

NFT can be withdrawn from sale at any time from any type of sale in the NFT card.


There are two notification options in the system: general and user notifications.
General notifications can be filtered and only notifications from subscribers can be viewed.
User notifications can also be filtered and only system notifications can be viewed.
The following categories are presented in the notifications:

  • Subscription Notifications
  • Notifications about likes
  • Notification of NFT Creation
  • Notification of the NFT for sale
  • Notification of the start/end of the auction
  • Notification of the auction bid/purchase of NFT, etc.

Creating a collection

Any user has the opportunity to create their own personalized NFT collection. The collection is created from the NFT creation page.

Viewing a collection card

Any user can view the collection card. The collection card contains the following information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Address in blockchain
  • Avatar

In addition, the collection has a cover of the collection for more memorization. The cover and avatar of the collection can be changed by the creator of the collection right on the collection page by clicking on them.

There are two tabs to display the preview of the NFT collection:

  • NFT on sale
  • All NFT collections

Currency exchange

Pop-up window for currency exchange in the chain directly in the application, for greater user comfort (BNB-wBNB).

Newsletter subscription

In the header and footer, the user has the opportunity to enter his email to subscribe to the newsletter from the application.

Drop-down list of links to social networks of the community

It is presented in the footer and in the header, gives the user the opportunity to go to the corresponding social networks by icons.


The question-answer page. It is represented by a list of questions with click-through answers.


The search in the system is represented by a drop-down search window with a scroll. The search is carried out in the process of entering the following, separated from each other, types of objects:

  • Users
  • Collections
  • NFT

Referral Rewards

A system is provided for rewarding the user for useful actions in the system (successful verification or fulfillment of all conditions for inviting the user). The distribution of awards is regulated by the admin manually.

Admin panel

In the admin panel, the admin has the opportunity to view all SUCH, collections, complaints or a list of users, distribute referral rewards, verify the user or block the user or NFT, set the system commission for the sale of NFT.

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