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Proposal for a ready-to-use NFT platform

| Announcements

We offer a ready-made full-featured NFT marketplace for implementation. This article describes the system, acquisition conditions, and provides access to the user/admin demo

Launching Sumsub KYC/AML services with Integrity One

| Announcements

We have integrated Sumsub services into the Integrity One corporate system. Now all KYC/KYB/AML procedures are automated and performed in accordance with international regulatory requirements

Integrity Global launches the operations

| Announcements

On August 19, 2022, Integrity Global UAB started operating with the execution of the first crypto OTC orders, payment and crypto processing, as well as the provision of compliance service (KYC/AML)

Integrity Global UAB company registration

| Announcements

We are pleased to announce the registration and launch of our new company Integrity Global UAB with a license Cryptocurrency exchange operator & Depository cryptocurrency wallet operator. Good luck!